Roots New Era-7A

Life in United State of America

Reached USA on 28th Jun 2013. Lived with sister in law in yonkers for a week long time and shfted to Crestwood apartment at  16 Nassau Road Apartment-1. Three of our families lived there for long period of one year.  Joined Nice pack a wet wipes production company on 28 Jul 2013 and worked there for two months.  Moved from there to Silarx Pharmaceuticals on 2nd Oct 2013 and now working there as an Admin Asst. On Jan 2014 Ammini moved back to India  and returned back after one month on Feb 2014.   On July 1st, 2014 we shifted from 16 Nassau road to 39 Beaumont Circle Apt-2. On the eve of Christmas, we arranged the lunch in our apparment, and the Ebenezar Church  carol group visited apartment too. We bought a car Toyota Corola for our use here on 30 Dec 2014.  We become the official member of Ebenezar Marthoma Church Portchester, Newyork from 01 Apr 2015. Passed US Driving Licence Test on 09 Apr 2015.

The company where I was working is taken over by an American Medical company named Lannette a Pensylvania based company located at Philadelphia on 06/1/2015 .  Job is continuing till there on the same post as Administrative Assistant.

Again conducted a vist to India Kerala by  Ammini along with all family members for the marriage of  Mr.Enose on  08 Jan 2016 and on 30th Jan 2016 myself also travalled to India to join Ammini.  We live in India  for 3 weeks and returned on back to New Yonk on 2/18/2016.  

On 22nd October 2016 we both again travalled to Australia to  visit Shinemol and family to take care of her 2nd delivery time.  I was returned from there on 29th october 2016 and joined back New York on 30th october.  Ammini still living in Australia with Shinemol.  She back to India along with Shinemol on 3/18/2017 and me too joined with them on 3/27/2017 and both we returned from India to USA on 4/9/2017.

Shino Mon

He joined Esther Pharmacy for a temporay work on 28 July 2013.  He passed the US Driving License Test on Nov 2013.  On March 2014 he again moved back to  India to complete his examinations and back to US on  July 2014. Again he joined back to Esther Pharmacy and still continues there. Looking for  better college admission and  better job for the future needs.

He joined the college on 2015 wintersession and continued studies here.  in between joined Docs office for a partime to fullfill the expenses.  

Married Dona Deric on 8/23/2018 

Details Provided by KC Thomas       July, 1 -2006                                                 Contact for any quiries 1 914 268 0296