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Kochazhikathu Family in Myladumpara

Mr Kurien who did everything for his future needs in Konthitta, but in the mean time there was an uncontrolled flood in the river Kallada thus everything lost and left the area and gone to a nearby hilly area called Myladumpara in the same year . In this small place he met four more neighbours who reached from the central travancore area. I take this opportunity to mention their names here. They are Mr. Geevarghese from Aranmulla, Mr. Mathunny and Kutty both brothers from Venmony, Mr. Pathrose from Kallumkal.

Mr. Mathunny has handed over the plot to Mr Kurien which he was made survey for himself . Meanwhile he made his hut near the houses of Mr. Mathunny and Kutty. There also Mr Kurien faced bad days. His wife Mariamma died due to snake bite when she fall down in the well accidently. It made Mr. Kurien's life more horrible there, but he believed in Christ and everything put on the shoulder of Jesus Christ and continued the days.

 Bigining in Myladumpara

Mr Kurien with his wife Mariamma and his four children Abraham, Chacko, Samuel and a daughter Mariamma reached Myladumpara after the flood from Konthitta in the year 1924 (Kollavarsham 1099 , the malayalam year)

When they started to live here in Myladumpara, His wife Mariamma died due to a snake bite while she fell down in the water well acceidently.  She was burried in the Jacobite Church Cemetery in Manjakkala at Thalavoor Village.

Mr. Kurien faced much hardship there in the begining. First thing his wife expired. Second thing his children are not capable to stand their own feet. Third is he couldnt make properties like others did. 

Mr Kurien Married again. The Second wife Chechamma have seven children and five of them girls and two boys.  The boys are Kunjukunju(official Name Chacko) and Thankachan (official Name KK Thomas) and the girls are Annamma, Podiamma, Kunjamma, Thankamma and Deenamma.They all are in the Penthecostal belief except Mrs Annamma, and residing nearby and far places . Mrs Chechamma expired in her nineties and cremated in Piravanthoor The Penthecost Mission faith home Cemetery.

 There are eleven children he got from his two wifes. The children were grown up by means with their own capacity, married and took their shelters time to time.

Family details of  Mr  Abraham

Mr Abraham K K Was the elder son of Mr Kurien in his first wife., and he made his shelter in Myladumpara behid the NSS estate and LP School. He married Mr Mariamma one from the Alummmottil family in Pidavoor. He had four childrens. Two Boys and two girls. They are Mr Thankachan (Chacko M A ) Mrs Kunjamma Mr Johny Kutty (Pastor M A John kutty ) and Mrs Loviz (M A Saramma) all belongs to the penticostal belief.

Mr Thankachan (M A Chacko) is still staying in Myladumpara and he married Mrs. Ammini from Kottarakara and they had six children , two of them girls and 4 boys. One girl and one boy joined for the goodwill work of  The Penticost Mission. They are Sister Soji and Pastor Jose, and the others working in abroad and in india too. They are Mr Monachan, Samkutty, Kunjumon and the other girl who married and living in Vennikulam. Jose didnot continued his work along with the mission and now he married and living in Trichur district.Thankachan passed away on December 6th 2008 and Ammini passed away and the date will be entered on availability.

Mrs Kunjamma who is married and living in a nearby place Pandithitta .The brief point about her will be published later after getting all details

Mrs Saramma who is married and was living in Kottarakara with her husband and children.   She passed away while causing an electrical shock and details will be published later after getting it all.

Mr Johnykutty Now a Paster of a penticostal church is now living in Konni a place near Pathanamthitta with his wife and children. Full details will be published later on after getting details‚Äč

Mr Abraham died in the eighties details if get will be provided here and Mrs Mariamma also died and details will be provided while it gets

Details Provided by KC Thomas       July, 1 -2006                                                 Contact for any quiries 1 914 268 0296