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Family Details of Mr Chacko

The Second son Mr Chacko made his shelter near the home on a little distance . He married from Eazhamkulam (chayalode) His wife Mrs Annamma is one from the Vanmizhy Pazhayidathu family one of the most popular family in the central travancore. They had seven childrens 4 of them are girls and 3 boys. They are KC Kunjamma, Rajan(KC Kurien), KC Thankamma,               KC Chinnamma, George Kutty (Jacob George), Sam kutty ( KC Thomas) and Valsamma ( K C Annamma.) All are belongs to Marthoma Church except Rajan who is in Penthecostal belief now a days.

Mrs Kunjamma married Mr Baby (K G varghese) from Punnala is now living in Kadasseril and have two children one boy and one girl whose names are Shanty and Shaji. both are married.

Mr Rajan married Mrs KE Aleyamma (Podiamma) from Eazhamkulam is now residing in Palghat and they have two children named Saju and Suja, the boy and the girl. The boy died in his thirties and suja married . They all are now in penthecostal belief.

Mrs Thankamma married Mr Thankachan from Charummood , Chunakara is now residing in Bomaby have two children whose names are Sheena and Shiju both are married.

Mrs Chinnamma married Mr Joy (CA Chacko) from Athirumkal is now reisiding in Hydrabad have three children named Suni, Sunil and Santhosh and all are married.

Mr Georgekutty married Mrs Sally from kundara is residing in Myladumpara have two children both are boys and their names are Jesson and Jadeep , both are working and now living in Mumbai

Mr Samklutty married Mrs Ammini from Pathanapuram is residing in Myladumapara (Kudumba veedu) have two children girl and boy whose names are Shine and Shino both are studying now

Mrs Valsamma married Mr Thomaskutty from Mangalathu Myladumpara have three children one girl and two boys named Shyla(Smitha) Sudin and Subin and all are studying.

Mr Chacko and Mrs Annamma Chacko are now in their nineties. They are in the Kudumba veed which is newly builted in a new location near the old house and managed by Mr Samkutty and Ammini. (All are welcome there).

 Family Details of Mr Samuel

Mr Samuel settled earlier in Myladumpara was moved to Paruthiyara near Kottarakara and later he moved to Thankamani, Kattapana at idukki district and settled there. His family is still residing there and known from somebody that he died. But no any other details we have about them. if getting any will be provided here.

Family Details of Mrs Mariamma

Mr Kurien's daughter on his first marriage Mrs Mariamma who is married by Mr Mathai and they lived in the nearby area of Myladumpara. They have two children named the girl as Thankamma and boy Georgekutty. both are married .

Mrs Thankamma married Mr George and they lives there too and have three children two boys and one girl and they also married too

Mr George kutty married and living with his 3rd wife now. The first one divorced and the second one died . The second ones kids now staying with him.

Details Provided by KC Thomas       July, 1 -2006                                                 Contact for any quiries 1 914 268 0296