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Family Details of Kurien Chacko

Mr. Kurien Chacko the 2nd son of migrated family born in the year 1913 (Kollavarsham 1088) in Mazhukkir near Chengannur and reached Panthaplave (Konthitta) in the year 1924 (Kollavarsham 1099). When they settled down in Myladumpara after the flood in river Kallada, they started to go to school in a near place named Thalavoor. He studied up to 7th standard then now it is equallent to the graduation. In the childhood he faced much hardship but become capable to stand his own feet. He married Mrs Annamma in the year 1936 from Chayalode (Eazhamkulam) a lady from the Vanmizhy Pazhayidathu Family. This marriage was solemnized and registered the first one in the Bethel Marthoma Church Myladumpara in it's history.

The couple have 7 living children out of 8 given birth. The first baby boy died at the time of delivery. Four of them are girls and 3 boys. The names are as under:- K C Kunjamma, K C Thankamma, K C Chinnamma K C Annamma(Valsamma) K C Kurien(Rajan), Jacob George (Georgekutty), KC Thomas(Samkutty) Almighty God and saviour Jesus christ keeping them well where ever they are living now. Details are given seperately with their families.

 Details of K C Kunjamma and Family

Mrs Kunjamma Varghese the second birth given and first daughter of the couple born on in Myladumpara lived up to 23 yrs there and studied up to 5th standard. Married in 1963 with Mr KG Varghese from Eruttiyara, Punnala. The same year they started to make a new home and live together seperately from the family. After two years they shifted their house to Valiyakavu a near place, and after a decade they shifted from there and settled in kadasseril, now the place where they are living. The couple have two children out of 3 given birth. The first baby boy died atonce by the time of delivery. The children are Mrs Shanty(Sosamma Varghese) now Sosamma Joseph and Mr Shaji Varghese.

KG Varghese (our elder Aliyan) Passed away on Nov 13, 2016 at 15.45 hrs.  He was 77.  He was under treatment for a long time. May his soul Rest In Peace. 

Family Details of Sosamma Varghese(Shanty)

The elder and the second birth given daughter Mrs Sosamma Varghese (Shanty) Born on 1966 in Pathanapuram lived in Myladumpara and studied in New LPS Myladumpara, VVUPS 12 muri, in her child hood and GHS Punnla in High School and PDC in St. Stephens College Maloor again from Myladumpara. She completed her General Nursing in HN Hospital Mumabai and now working in Railway Hospital Kalyan, Maharashtra. She married Mr Sunny Joseph) From Kizhekkebhagam Pathanapuram, working in Ordnance Factory Ambernath, on 28 Dec 1992 and living in Ambernath, Maharashtra. They have two children Named Kum Merlin Joseph and Kum Melba Joseph

Kum. Merlin Joseph Born on in Ambernath Maharashtra and now continuing her studies

Kum Melba Joseph Born on in Ambernath Maharashtra and now continuing her studies

Family Details of Mr Shaji Varghese

The younger and the third birth given son Mr shaji varghese born on 1970 in Myladumpara, Pattazhy and continued his education in myladumpara New LPS and then GHS Punnala from 5th standard and PDC in St. Stephens College Maloor. He is now working in Kuwait, Living in Kadasseril, Punnala with his parents. He married Mrs Giji from Kazhavara, Near Karimbaloor in the year and they have two children Named Kum Merin and Kum Melvina. They are studying in their primary stage.

Details Provided by KC Thomas       July, 1 -2006                                                 Contact for any quiries 1 914 268 0296