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Family Details of Mrs KC Chinnamma

Mrs Chinnamma Chacko, the 5th birth given and 3rd daughter born on in Myladumpara, lived and completed her studies up to PDC and moved for a job to Bombay to her elder sister Thankamma in the year 1969. She worked around two years there and back to home. She married Mr Joy (C A Chacko) from Athirunkal in 1973. He worked as a machinist in IDL (Indian Detenators Ltd) Hydrabad. They settled now in Hydrabad and spending retired life. They have 3 children named Mrs Suni(Saramma Chacko), Mr Sunil (Abraham Chacko) and Santhosh Chacko and all are married.

 Family Details of Mrs Saramma Chacko (Suni)

Mrs Saramma (Suni) born on and lived and studied up to BSC Nursing in secunderabad/Hydrabad and now working as an RN (Registered Nurse) in Florida USA. She married to Mr Saji from Elanthoor on 1998 and now they settled in Florida USA. They have two kids named Master Aron

Details of Mr Abraham Chacko(Sunil)

Mr Sunil (Abraham Chacko) born on lived and completed his studies in Hydrabad and now living and working in Hydrabad. He Married Mrs on from Secunderabad working as a staff nurse and settled in Hydrabad. They have one kid born on named .

Family Details of Mr Santhosh Chacko(Santhosh)

Mr Santhosh Chacko, born on lived and studied in Hydrabad up to graduation now living and working in Melborn Australia, married Mrs Betty from on . She working as a staff nurse in Melborn, Australia. They settled there and have two kids named Master and

Details Provided by KC Thomas       July, 1 -2006                                                 Contact for any quiries 1 914 268 0296