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Family Details of Mr Jacob George (Georgekutty)

Mr. Jacob George (Georgekutty) 2nd son and the 6th birth given child of the couple born on 04 October 1952 in Myladumpara. The primary education was done in New LPS Myladumpara, VVUPS 12,Muri, St. stephen's High School Pathanapuram. He attended the one year session of PDC in St Stephens College Maloor and left the college. In 1970 he moved to Jabalpur for a job with his elder brother Mr Rajan (K C Kurien). The real fact was that he couldnt bag a better job there. In between he got a temporary job in the Central Railway and after he worked in the Guna Co-Operative Society, Guna in Madhyapradesh. After a decade he back to home.

He married Mrs Sally George from Kundara on 07 July 1980. The marriage was solemnized in Bethel Marthoma Church Myladumpara and reception done at our home. After marriage again they gone to Guna, Madhyapradesh and back after an year after leaving the job from there and settled in Myladumpara. He made his own house in the year and named it as Kochazhikathu Niwas. They have two children named Jesson George and Jadeep George both are now living and working in Mumbai.

Family Details of Mr Jesson George

Mr Jesson George the elder son born on 29 Apr 1981 at Kundara. Lived in Myladumpara and started his primary education from Ambalanirappu, Kottarakkara, Pathanapuram and completed Graduation with SN College Punalur. He moved to Mumbai in the year and now working as a Manager in HDFC Bank. He married Mrs Jesty Jesson from Pandalam,born on 19 Dec 1988 in Mumbai whose family settled in Malad, Mumbai, on 10 May 2010. Marriage was solemnized at Bethel Marthoma Church Myladumpara by Rev.Varghese Jacob and reception at church parish hall. Now the young couple living in Bhandup Mumbai. Mrs Jesty Jesson gave birth to a baby girl on Thursday 6th September 2012 at 17.10 pm at Hospital at Malad Mumbai. Our cute baby girl named Riyana Ann Jesson at the time of 28th day banding and naming ceremony held at 3rd October 2012 in Malad Mumbai.

He resigned from HDFC and joined as a Senior Manager at  Tata Finance on Nov 2014,  We wish him all success.  Now he resigned from Tata finance and joined ICICI Bank in a senior position.  Jesty also joined in a new company  and continuing their better life.

Details of Mr Jadeep George

Mr Jadep George younger son born on 13 May 1983 at Pathanapuram, lived in Myladumpara and started his education from New LPS Myladumpara and completed with St Stephen's High School Pathanapuram. He moved to Hydrabad in the year Learned machinery works and worked there too. Then he moved to Mumbai with his brother and worked there. Now he is doing his own business and registered a company named as Jadeep Hydraulic and Engineering. we wish him all success in future.

He married  Miss Leeja from Punalur on 25 Apr 2013. The marriage was solomnized at Bethel Marthoma Church, Myladumpara and receiption at the parish hall

The couple had been granted with a baby girl by the grace of  Lord on 02 Mar 2015.  Her name is Abigail

Details of Mrs Sally George

Details Provided by KC Thomas       July, 1 -2006                                                 Contact for any quiries 1 914 268 0296