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Details of  Mr Kurien's second  wife and  children.

The Second wife Chechamma have seven children and five of them girls and two boys. They all are in the Penthecostal belief and residing nearby and far places . Mrs Chechamma expired in her nineties and cremated in Piravanthoor The Penthecostal Mission Cemetery

Family Details of Mr Kunjukunju

The elder son of them Mr Kunjukunju married Mrs Kunjamma from Oanthekad Kozhenchery have five children three of them are girls and two boys. One boy master Samkutty died in his childhood and burried in the plot where they lived together for several years. Now they shifted to Mundakayam and living there. Kunju kunju expired in feb 2005 in Mundakayam and cremated there. Mrs Kunjamma W/o Mr kunjukunju expired on 29/10/2012 at Pandanadu.

His elder daughter Mrs Ponnamma is in Mundakkayam now with her Husband and children. She had two girls and one boy and girls were married and boy still unmarried.

Mr George kutty their elder son also now settled in Mundakkayam who is now working in Mumbai. No details available of his wife and children.

Mrs Mercy the second daughter married and staying in Manjakala is with her Husband and kids. No more details available about the kids and Husband.

Mrs Gracy the third daughter is now working in Mumbai living with her Husband and kids and no more details available about them.

Family Details of Mrs.Annamma,Mrs.Podiamma,Miss.Kujamma, Mrs. Thankamma, Mrs. Deenamma

The elder daughter Mrs Annamma married Mr Kunjukunju from Chachipunna Punnala is living with their children there and this full family is in the Marthoma Church and living there only. Mr Kunjukunju died in the nineties and  Mrs Annamma passed away on 20th June 2015.  full details are not available here . if getting any thing will be published.

The second daughter Mrs Podiamma married and lived in Thenmalai near Punalur with her Husband and children. One of their daughter died while hit by thunder light in her teenage was a tragic event for them. Podiamma died and Husband now living with his daughter in Tamilnadu and their elder Son Raju living in Padayanipara, Punnala and the twins younger sons Achankunju and Aniyankunju are the Pastors of The Penthecost Mission. More details will be furnished after when getting from individuals in future.

The third daughter Miss Kunjamma was one of the Sister of The penthecost Mission. She died early on ninietys and cremeated in The Penthecost Mission Cemetery Kottarakara.

The forth daughter Mrs Thankamma married Mr Oonnunny The Pastor of the Assemblies of God Church and now he is a Centre Paster of that mission. They had two children and one boy and one girl. Both are married and the boy living in Sharjah UAE with his family and the girl in her husbands home in Kottarakara. Other details will be furnished after getting from them.

The fifth daughter Mrs Deenamma married Mr Johney Kutty now living in Padayanipara in Punnala and their children one girl and one boy both of them also married and living with their families. Available details will be furnished in future .

Family Details of Mr.Thankachan (KK Thomas)

The Second and younger son Mr Thankachan (KK Thomas) is now settled in Pathanapuram Married Mrs Kunjumol from Vakayar and living in Pathanapuram now. He was before worked in UAE (Dubai) and they have three chilldren one boy and two girls. The boy and the younger girl now married and living in USA and the second girl now living in KSA with her Husband.  More details will be published when getting.

Details Provided by KC Thomas       July, 1 -2006                                                 Contact for any quiries 1 914 268 0296